Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Pima Tucson Homebuyer’s Solution Program affiliated with any housing programs offered by the City of Tucson or the County of Pima?

Can a borrower utilize HOME funds with a Pima Tucson Home Solution mortgage?
Yes, if they qualify, ask an approved lender.

May a borrower use an MCC with a Pima Tucson Home Solution mortage?
Yes, if the borrower qualifies, ask an approved lender.

Is manual underwriting allowed in the program?  
Yes, manual underwriting is permitted and underwriters must follow US Bank and Agency guidelines for the product.
(FHA, VA, RD, etc.)

Are co-signers allowed?
Co-signers are permitted to the extent permitted by an applicable agency (FHA, VA, USDA: RD). Treat co-signer/income as directed by the agency. A co-signer cannot have any ownership interest in the property. (They cannot be on the mortgage/DOT/ warranty deed.)

Will using the Program slow down the closing of my loan?
No, it shouldn't. The borrower should utilize the services of a trained and qualified lender. Please refer to the eHousingPlus website here for a list of approved lenders.

Is homebuyer education required?  
Yes, for the PTHS Program, the borrower may use any HUD approved counseling agency OR take an online class with MGIC, which can be located at Additionally, if the homebuyer wants to combine PTHS with HOME fund, the HOME program will have additional requirements for in-person homebuyer counseling. Please check with the HOME requirements.

Are manufactured homes allowed?